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During this unit students will learn how to program in Small BASIC, working through a digital workbook. They will then take these new programming skills and develop them into a Text Based Adventure game, complete with introduction logo. 

Unit Objectives

To understand how to use a different type of programming language and produce a basic game.  To produce a game with basic introduction graphics. 

To produce an adventure game with welcome graphics, and a wide range of in game choices. 

The Oregon Trail Text Based Adventure Game



To complete your planning for your game. You will have a single lesson and then homework to complete this. The planning can be on paper or using ICT, PowerPoint, Word etc, as a flow chart or text and pictures. It should easily explain how your game will work and the menu options within it. 


 All resources for this unit at available on the Q Drive > Computing > !Worksheets > Small BASIC. 

There are two homeworks, the first running over lessons 1,2 and 3 and the other set during lesson 4. 

Example code is available on the Q Drive > Computing


Assessment Criteria