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Technical Performing Arts Unit 1: Pitch to Camera – 10 minutes long.

This whole module is worth 60 points. 30 marks are allocated for the pitch to the camera. 


Job Advert



There are 6 available marks for each question answered below.  

To gain maximum marks for each question you need to be doing the following:


Question (a)

Why have you applied for this project?

Top Grade Boundary: You need to demonstrate a full understanding of the overall context of the project. You need to make clear reference to the details of the advertisement.

Tip: Highlight and target the key words in the Job Advert, make sure you discuss these key words and relate to them when presenting. 

Key Words in this advertisement:  Fantasy, Variety, Not Traditional, Buzz, Enthusiasm, Efficiency, Adaptability, Lives to entertain, Varied audience, possible long term commitment, offer a springboard to success.  


Question (b)

What role are you interested in and how will this contribute to the project?

Top Grade Boundary: You need to show a full knowledge and understanding of the advertised role and its potential place in the project.

Tip: Think about the route you want to take for your chosen vocation in technical theatre, discuss what you think will be the technical requirements and how this will help with your role on the project. 

Lighting Technician: Need to be adaptable, apply understanding of different lighting desks, technologies, and fixtures, most efficient way to rig, position lighting etc. team player, good communication, ability to follow instructions, work with lighting designer, might have to design lighting as well. 

Stage Management: Work well with others, good communication, make sure production runs well, organised, range of skills, fault finding skills, adaptable, work well with production team. 

Sound / General Technician: Good knowledge of acoustics, adaptable to different spaces on board. Radio mics and mics knowledge, PA set up knowledge, day and night time shows, basic knowledge or lighting, rigging etc to adapt to other roles, maintenance of equipment to keep this working and in good order. 


Question (c)

How will the experience and knowledge that you have gained while on your course be relevant to this project?

Top Grade Boundary: You need to show a full explanation of the course and how the experience and knowledge acquired will contribute to the project and be further developed.

Tip: This is where your skills audits will be used and will be helpful. You need to discuss the variety of skills you have been taught and explain how this experience will be useful and relevant to the project. How will these skills be then further developed. 


Question (d)

What is your progression strategy for the next five years?

Top Grade Boundary: You need to show a comprehensive understanding of possible progression routes into a chosen vocational role.

Tip: You should also place these into the wider context of development and sector changes. Some of you showed this well with a chart with your progression route on. Make sure you discuss and link this with your plan for the next 5 years, including experience and qualfications.  Discuss qualifications, memberships of professional bodies etc. 


Question (e)

How do you think working on this project will contribute to your progression route?

Top Grade Boundary: You need to show documentation and use this fluently with an effective illustration of a defined strategy.

Tip: You need to demonstrate and discuss the skills you would gain from the project.