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Technical Performing Arts Unit 1: Portfolio

This whole module is worth 60 points. 24 marks are allocated for the Portfolio


Job Advert



Prepare to pitch for one of the roles mentioned in the advertisement above. Your preparation must include a portfolio (guide of 1500-2500 words) of documentation including: • introductory comments on your chosen vocational role including its current employment conditions and promotional methods. These comments should be made with reference to the advertisement and the role applied for • a report on the economic, social and cultural context of the event outlined in the advertisement • the proposed materials for progression into your chosen vocational role including any ideas and adaptations that you have made to meet the specific demands of the advertisement • your overall progression strategy and how this job opportunity fits into these longerterm plans • references to the skills, knowledge and understanding gained as part of your learning programme


Mark Scheme for Full Marks

• Research shows a detailed knowledge and understanding of economic, social and cultural contexts and current employment and contractual conditions.

• There is a comprehensive analysis of the chosen vocational role’s current progression routes and the proposed materials are relevant and highly promotional.

• Use of performing arts terminology is fluent.

• There is an accomplished citation process (reference to a published or unplished source).

• There is clear reference to the context of the advertisement in all elements and this shows a thorough understanding of its wider contexts.

• They draw upon a wide range of skills knowledge and understanding gained from the learning programme. There is an explanation of how they have developed their skills knowledge and understanding through the programme and how they relate to the context of the advertisement. The benefits are highlighted as to how the skills knowledge and understanding will prepare them for their chosen role. There is an awareness of how they could further develop their skills.

 All the elements of the portfolio have clear reference to the context of the advertisement.