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Support website for the teaching of Computer Science and Technical Performing Arts

 Designed to be a useful resource for my students covering Computing at KS3 and 4 and Level 3 Technical Performing Arts. 

   Adrian Cottle,  Head of Computing. Subject Lead Technical Performing Arts and Technology Teacher. 

Hayesfield Girls' School, Bath  


Website Updates

We're delighted to have added Moodle - aimed at assessments and resources across KS3 and 4 Computer Science. 



Y12 Technical Performing Arts [...]

Y13 Technical Performing Arts [...]


Computer Science News

Well done on your exams and prep. Good luck for the rest and have a great summer! 

Digital Makers

New Computing Club for 2018.

Byte Club.  On a Wednesday during LEAP. 

Come along to expand your programming skills, enrich your knowledge in Computer Science and play with some cool gadgets. 

For more information please speak to Mr Cottle