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 Year 7

Computer Science 2019 - 2020 


Welcome to Year 7 Computer Science at Hayesfield. 


Each module will completed in a term, with 6 modules over the year. 


Please note that your teacher may change the order of the units depending on their teaching. 


Term 1 - Using computers

Term 2 - Java Script Emoji's

Term 3 - E-Safety

Term 4 - How Computers Work

Term 5 - Programming the MicroBit

Term 6 - Smart Homes


Please check the links on the right to see the units we delivery during year 7. These will be updated during the year. 


Mark Schemes and Objectives are also available for each of these units. 





Year 7 Computer Science Units

Year 7 Emoji Javascript

Programming an interactive emoji

Emojis - JavaScript

Learning about E-Safety in small groups.


Learning about using computers

Using Computers

How Computers Work

Looking inside a computer and how it functions.

Inside a Computer

Block Coding with the BBC MicroBit Computer

BBC MicroBit Computer

Looking at the home and gadgets of the future.

Gadgets and Smart Homes


Resources on the delivery of Computer Science are from a variety of in house modules, purchased and subscription. Only public domain information and resources are linked from the website to support the teaching of these units. If you feel there is a copyright infringement please contact me via the contact page at the bottom of the page.